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Ray, It was good to here from you. Your website is tastefully done and enjoyable to visit. Unfortunately I'm not in the venomous snake or real estate market at this time. I wish you the very best in your business ventures in the future. As I'm sure you are aware I was the Chief-of-Staff at St. Lucie Medical for 2003. It took much more of my time than I ever expected. But I did a good job and received several awards for my service to the hospital. Thankfully my tenure is over and I'm getting a good chunk of my life back. With the time constraints I had I was unable to put together a presentable paper regarding the Hagan Viper bite you sustained, but I still have all the paperwork and hope to embark on that project in the future. I can't begin to imagine the amount of time you put into this website. It's really neat. How is your finger doing by the way? Keep in touch.

Bernie Kurecki MD


*** NOTE FROM RAY – Dr. Bernard Kurecki is my snakebite doctor. He has been my physician for every bite that required hospitalization. His knowledge and skills have saved my life more than once. I am honored to be a close friend of Bernie Kurecki. Thank you many times over, Bernie!

Ray Hunter


Ray it was an honor to meet you, however next time lets meet somewhere other than the E.R. while treating you for the Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake bite. I understand your bite and survival was a record breaker. Your ordeal was not only an eye opener for me and my emergency room staff, but quite the learning experience. Best of luck to you in your speedy and full recovery.

Karen Jenkins, M.D.


Dear Dr. Ray,
No words...no words comes to my mouth to appreciate you for your sense of responsibility towards the society.
Today, I happened to visit your site that features everlasting moments in your life and..ofcourse the bitter ones too. I started catching snakes 7 yrs ago and was once bitten by a yellow rat snake. My well wishers took me to the hospital for administering antivenom, inspite of me saying that it is non-venomous. My fascination towards snakes is still leading me to catch and observe them. But, to be frank, I never handle them correctly! After seeing your website, I learnt a lot...sir...a lot!
Scientists like you are "National Assets" and should be sponsored worldwide to render lectures and real life experiences. If you come to India, particularly to Chennai (Down South...remember the tsunami affected areas on TV!!??) do come home and be with us. I would feel honoured to receive you! Here, Mr. Romulus Whitaker has taken much pains to establish the "Crocodile Bank & Snake Park", where we learn many things about snakes and crocs!
I would be very happy to receive a photograph of one of your greatest moments with snakes, personally signed by you. My apologies for this overwhelming reaction. I revere you.
Sir, if you are interested to explore 'plants' for their antidotes, do tell me. I can purify any small molecule from plant extracts for human ailments. Its my job.
best wishes,    

Dr. R. S. Satyan
Scientist - R & D
NH Biotechnologies
RAMA'S aalayam,
# 20, Rajabather Street,
T.Nagar, Chennai: 17


I found your website purely be accident. First let me thank you for your unashamed testimony about our Lord Jesus Christ. I too am a born again Christian. Also thank you for what you do to promote the research and conservation of snakes. I read Bill Haast's book when I was just an 8th grader (about 30 years ago) and have been "hooked" on snakes ever since. I have always just caught wild snakes in my area. Recently I've started a hobby of catch, document and release wild snakes to an area where there is less development. I've also recently become interested in collecting venom for purposes of research. How can I get started? Where can I donate or sell it? Is the market only for exotic snake venom such as Kraits or Cobras or do they also do research with venom from Rattlesnakes and other indigenous snakes. I'm located in south Alabama and any help you can give me would be very helpful and appreciated.
Thank you.
Curt Haney


I was just looking at some pictures of snakes because one of my professors wanted us to do a snake lesson plan!

Thank you for letting people know how dangerous handling any type of snakes can really be!

You have earned my respect! I did not know that some of the minerals we take for granted are from COBRAS!!!

I couldn't help but saying a little prayer for your friend who lost their life to a cobra while on duty.

May God Keep You Safe!

Kris 04/19/2006


Thanks for all your fine work with these reptiles. Your talent and professionalism handling venomous snakes has helped further interest and research.

Thanks Keith Moller


Oh my God dude, you’re freakin insane. Remind me never to hang out with you. That being said, I wouldn't mind filming you at work one of these days. You'd make a kick ass documentary.



I enjoyed your site very much. I enjoyed all of the pictures, I wish that I could say the same for Lin but she will talk to you about that at a later time! It has been a great pleasure working with you over the years and I wish you the best luck in all of your future endeavors.
Mike Ciulla
MFC Reptiles


I just went through all of your pictures and they keep getting better and better so figured I would check back at your web site and see what's changed.
You know we've definitely traveled the same road and I also was into the occult and have been faithful to my maker for a long time now. Satan is a fake and a manipulator for sure and I've been having a go at it with my twenty year old daughter that has been drifting in the wrong direction to impress her friends, but I really trust my maker will grab her hand and heart and bring her back.
I just want to say I SO totally admire you and all of your work. One can hardly look at and touch our creatures in nature and not be assured there is a much stronger power than we are that has surely blessed us with so many different forms of life. Why I'm so drawn to snakes. They are so terribly misunderstood and victims of societies misinformation.
I won't hold you up, but I just wanted to say hello and thank you for all you've contributed to us snake owners with great admiration and total respect,
Carla (sftkiss)